Advances in Machining & Manufacturing Technology IX

Volumes 375-376

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Gang Zhao, Dun Wen Zuo, Yu Li Sun

Abstract: This paper introduces and summarizes the slicing technology of large-scare silicon wafers. And the research status of ID slicing, wire saw...

Authors: Li Min Shi, Yu Quan Chen, Er Liang Liu

Abstract: With widely using difficult-to-process materials, such as the stainless steel and SnSb alloy, the magnetic-electrochemical compound...

Authors: Ming Hai Wang, Ze Sheng Lu

Abstract: According to the size effect theory established on the concept of geometrically necessary dislocations and results of nano-indentation...

Authors: Zhen Ping Wan, Wen Jun Deng, Yong Tang

Abstract: With more and more applications of glass in advanced fields of science, the demand for glass machining precision and efficiency has...

Authors: Wen Jun Deng, Wei Xia, Yong Li, Zhen Ping Wan, Yong Tang

Abstract: Microstructure of machined copper chips at very low velocity was characterized by transmission electron microscopy. The structure of the...

Authors: Kai Xue, Xiang Ming Xu, Gang Liu, Ming Chen

Abstract: The chip formation and morphology are definitely affected by tool geometry and cutting parameters such as cutting speed, feed rate, and...

Authors: Jun Zhou, Jian Feng Li, Jie Sun, Zhi Ping Xu

Abstract: In machining, the size effect is typically characterized by a non-linear increase in the specific cutting energy (or specific cutting...

Authors: Yuan Gang Wang, Fu Ling Zhao, Yu Liu

Abstract: Effects of additive powders on the machining mechanism of powder mixed EDM were researched. The whole discharging process was discussed...


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