Silica-Based Ordered Mesoporous Materials for Biomedical Applications


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Much research effort has been committed to the development of bioceramics that promote bone tissue regeneration and this is still one of the greatest challenges for the scientific community. In this sense, silica-based ordered mesoporous materials constitute a new generation of bioceramics that combine the intrinsic properties of bioceramics, such as bioactive behavior, together with the capability to host and controlled release biologically active molecules that promote new bone formation, i.e. drug delivery systems. In this chapter, the recent advances aimed at tailoring ordered mesoporous materials for biomedical applications will be tackled and critically discussed.



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Maria Vallet-Regí




I. Izquierdo-Barba et al., "Silica-Based Ordered Mesoporous Materials for Biomedical Applications", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 377, pp. 133-150, 2008

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March 2008




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