Advances in Understanding the Fatigue Behavior of Materials

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Henning Agerskov

Abstract: Fatigue damage accumulation in steel structures under random loading has been studied in a number of investigations at the Technical...

Authors: I. Alvarez-Armas, Suzanne Degallaix

Abstract: The cyclic hardening–softening response, the cyclic stress–strain curve and the substructure evolution of a high nitrogen duplex stainless...

Authors: Herwig Mayer, Snezana Stojanovic, Stefanie Stanzl-Tschegg, Bernhard Zettl

Abstract: Fatigue properties of mild steel are investigated under cyclic tension-compression and cyclic torsion loading using ultrasonic fatigue...

Authors: Thomas Niendorf, Hans J. Maier, Demircan Canadinc, Ibrahim Karaman

Abstract: This paper reports on the fatigue performance of an ultrafine-grained (UFG) interstitialfree (IF) steel deformed at various mean stress...

Authors: O.P. Ostash, I.M. Andreiko

Abstract: The strength and fatigue crack growth resistance (FCGR) of ferritic, pearlitic and austenitic nodular cast irons (NCIs), recommended to be...

Authors: Kazuaki Shiozawa, Lian Tao Lu

Abstract: Gigacycle fatigue behavior in high-strength steels tested under rotary bending fatigue was summarized in this paper. Characteristic of the...

Authors: Vincent Velay, Denis Delagnes, Gérard Bernhart

Abstract: Cyclic behavior and life prediction of two tempered martensitic steels (AISI H11 and L6) are investigated under thermo-mechanical loading...

Authors: Jean Bernard Vogt

Abstract: The paper analyzes the role of microstructure on the low cycle fatigue behaviour of duplex stainless steels. The alloys are investigated in...

Authors: Matteo Benedetti

Abstract: The present paper tries to summarize the relationship between microstructure, extrinsic mechanisms and fatigue crack propagation resistance...


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