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Authors: Elena Beretta, Alberto Gandolfi, C.C.A. Sastri
Abstract:We present some examples of mathematical discoveries whose original import was mainly theoretical but which later ended up triggering...
Authors: Michael C. Connelly, Jainagesh A. Sekhar
Abstract:We explore an improved method for the measurement of innovation and innovative activity across long life-cycles especially where patentable...
Authors: John P. Dismukes, Lawrence K. Miller, Andrew Solocha, John A. Bers
Abstract:This study addresses past, current and future development of the wind electrical power industry, that began prior to 1890 in Cleveland, Ohio...
Authors: David W. Swenson
Abstract:In today’s global market system innovation is the driver for economic development and wealth creation. Developing a competitive advantage...
Authors: E.C. Subbarao
Abstract:Disruptive inventions in electroceramics arose out of need for greatly improved properties or short-supply of existing materials, or, more...
Authors: Stephen J. Pearton, Wan Tae Lim, Yu Lin Wang, K. Shoo, D.P. Norton, Je Won Lee, F. Ren, John M. Zavada
Abstract:There is strong interest in new forms of transparent, flexible or wearable electronics using non-Si materials deposited at low temperature...
  | Authors: Robert Schafrik, Robert Sprague
Abstract:High temperature structural materials, such as nickel-based superalloys, have contributed immensely to societal benefit. These materials...
Authors: Gene A. Danko
Abstract:Innovations in gas turbine engine design and materials are tracked from the earliest days of functional engines to the present. Materials...
  | Authors: L. Lawrence Chapoy, John M. Lally
Abstract:Innovations are tracked and explained for four different classes of Ophthalmologic devices: contact lenses, intraocular lenses, intracorneal...
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