Dimensional Measurements for Micro- and Nanotechnology


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Metrology plays an important role in the development and commercialisation of micro and nanotechnology. For calibrating versatile micro- and nanoscale standards, a dimensional metrology instrument coupled with multi sensor heads including atomic force microscope (AFM), tactile stylus, laser focus sensor and assembled cantilever probes (ACPs) has been developed. Two kinds of ACPs are highlighted in the paper. One is fabricated by gluing a vertical AFM cantilever to a horizontal AFM cantilever using micro assembling techniques. It is applicable for direct and non-destructive measurements of sidewall surfaces. The other is an ACP ball probe designed for true 3D measurements of micro structures. It is realised by gluing a tungsten wire with a probing sphere ball, 40 ... 120 µm in diameter, to a horizontal AFM cantilever. The ACP ball probe has advantages such as small probing forces (<1µN) and high probing sensitivity. Some typical calibrations on micro and nano structures such as step height, grating and sphere calotte artefact are introduced.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 381-382)

Edited by:

Wei Gao, Yasuhiro Takaya, Yongsheng Gao and Michael Krystek






G. L. Dai et al., "Dimensional Measurements for Micro- and Nanotechnology", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 381-382, pp. 7-10, 2008

Online since:

June 2008




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