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Authors: Robert J. Hocken, R. Fesperman, J. Overcash, O. Ozturk, C. Stroup
Abstract:Nanotechnology can be defined as “the study, development and processing of materials, devices, and systems in which structure on a dimension...
Authors: Gao Liang Dai, F. Pohlenz, H.U. Danzebrink, L. Koenders
Abstract:Metrology plays an important role in the development and commercialisation of micro and nanotechnology. For calibrating versatile micro- and...
Authors: Jiu Bin Tan, Jian Liu
Abstract:This paper presents the resent advances in our research on ultrahigh resolution laser confocal microscopy to further improve the accuracy of...
Authors: Frank Härtig, Michael Paul Krystek, S. Klein
Abstract:The reliable determination of periodic micro structures on open surfaces as they exist on involute tooth flanks gain of increasing...
Authors: Michael Dietzsch, S. Gröger, M. Gerlach, Michael Paul Krystek
Abstract:For functional properties such as gliding, sealing, assembling, adhering etc. the outer layer of the surface is the functional related...
Authors: Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube, Michael Neugebauer, W. Ehrig, Markus Bartscher, U. Hilpert
Abstract:This paper presents procedures and standards to test tactile and optical microsensors and micro-computed tomography (CT) systems. The tests...
Authors: Andreas Tausendfreund, S. Patzelt, S. Simon, G. Goch
Abstract:This paper presents an efficient computation method to evaluate scattered light intensity distributions, generated by a nanostructured...
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