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Authors: Richard Degenhardt, Dirk Wilckens, Hermann Klein, Alexander Kling, Klaus Rohwer, Wolfgang Hillger, Hans Christian Goetting, Andreas Gleiter
Abstract:The aircraft industry strives for significantly reduced development and operating costs. Reduction of structural weight at safe design is...
Authors: Rosen T. Tenchev, Brian G. Falzon
Abstract:Experimental static and fatigue tension-tension tests were carried out on 5HS/RTM6 composite intact coupons and coupons incorporating...
Authors: Cláudio S. Lopes, Joris J.C. Remmers, Zafer Gürdal
Abstract:Structures manufactured in fibre-metal laminates (e.g. Glare) have been designed considering ideal mechanical properties determined by the...
Authors: I. Guiamatsia, Brian G. Falzon, G.A.O. Davies
Abstract:Composite damage modelling with cohesive elements has initially been limited to the analysis of interface damage or delamination. However,...
Authors: M. Denda
Abstract:A boundary element method (BEM) for the analysis of the semipermeable crack is developed using the numerical Green’s function approach. The...
Authors: L.S. Miers, J.C.F. Telles
Abstract:This work aims at introducing the concept of the numerical Green’s function (NGF) idea for elastostatic fracture mechanics using the...
Authors: J.F. Useche, P. Sollero, E.L. Albuquerque
Authors: E. Pineda, M.H. Aliabadi
Abstract:This paper presents the development of a new boundary element formulation for analysis of fracture problems in creeping materials. For the...
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