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Authors: Pierre Fauchais, Ghislain Montavon
Abstract:Thermal spraying consists in a technology aiming at producing coatings whose thicknesses range from 10 μm to a few millimeters onto...
Authors: Kevin Spencer, Ming Xing Zhang
Abstract:Cold spray is an emerging coating technology that allows hardness, corrosion and wear resistance, as well as thermal and electrical...
Authors: Bernhard Wielage, Thomas Lampke, Thomas Grund
Abstract:Thermal spraying is one of the most variable and diverse surface coating techniques concerning materials to be processed as well as possible...
Authors: Bernhard Wielage, Thomas Grund, Hanna Pokhmurska, Christian Rupprecht, Thomas Lampke
Abstract:A brief overview of existing methods of post-treatment of thermally sprayed coatings is given and the influence of mechanical and chemical...
Authors: Wolfgang Tillmann, Evelina Vogli, Ingor Baumann, Benjamin Krebs
Abstract:Deep drawing of high strength steels imposes high tribological requirements on forming tools. Thermal spraying is regarded as a promising...
Authors: C.T. Kwok, F.T. Cheng, Hau Chung Man, K.I. Leong
Abstract:Laser surface modification of nine tool steels, namely, plastics mold steels (PMSs), high-speed steels (HSSs) and cold/hot-work steels...
Authors: Ibrahim M. Ghayad, Madiha Shoeib, Taha Mattar, Huda M. Hussain
Abstract:Stainless steel AISI 304 was laser treated to enhance corrosion resistance and improve surface properties. . This alloy has many...
Authors: Adele Carradò, Hervé Pelletier, Felix Sima, Carmen Ristoscu, Agnès Fabre, Laurent Barrallier, Ion N. Mihailescu
Abstract:In this article, two original studies of the alumina as porous substrate and PLD (pulsed laser deposition) thin films in view of its...
Authors: Shou Jin Sun, Milan Brandt
Abstract:The melt pool size of a single-track clad in the laser cladding of Hastelloy C, a Nickel based alloy, on mild steel substrate has been...
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