Temperature Sensitivity of Asphalt-Aggregate Adhesion via Dynamic Mechanical Analysis


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It is known that the properties of asphalt-aggregate adhesion show great effect on the performance of asphalt pavement, while the temperature plays an important role in determining the fundamental properties of asphalt binder between single aggregate-aggregate contacts surfaces. The temperature sensitivity is considered to be very important on understanding the failures of asphalt pavement, especially on the asphalt-aggregate adhesion. Knowledge the temperature sensitivity of asphalt-aggregate adhesion is very important in asphalt mixture design. The purpose of this paper was to quantify the effect of temperature on the adhesion and cohesion of asphalt film between aggregate and asphalt. The adhesive/cohesive failure of asphalt film between single aggregate-aggregate contacts was investigated using dynamic mechanical analyzer under dynamic tension stress test with force-control mode, then fracture surface were analysis by a Polarizing Microscope. Contrastive experiments were conducted on SBS modified asphalt under different temperatures. Experimental results indicate that the area percentage of adhesive failure was decreased with the increase of test temperature. And the adhesive failure percentage is enhancing with the increase of loading max-stress level.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 385-387)

Edited by:

H.S. Lee, I.S. Yoon and M.H. Aliabadi






S. P. Wu et al., "Temperature Sensitivity of Asphalt-Aggregate Adhesion via Dynamic Mechanical Analysis", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 385-387, pp. 473-476, 2008

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July 2008




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