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Authors: Zhong De Shi, Madhusudhan Srinivasaraghavan, Helmi Attia
Abstract:A novel method is reported for predicting the distribution of normal and tangential grinding forces in wheel and workpiece contact zone or...
Authors: Zhi Gang Dong, Ren Ke Kang, Zhen Yuan Jia
Abstract:Single crystal MgO can be used as the substrates to deposit HTS films. The subsurface damage (SSD) generated in processing has great effect...
Authors: J. Sasaki, T. Tsuruga, B.H. Soltani, Takahito Mitsuta, Y.B. Tian, Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou, Hiroshi Eda, Y. Tashiro, Hisao Iwase, Sumio Kamiya
Abstract:Silicon wafer thinning process is meeting great challenges to fulfill requirements of ultra-thin IGBT for automotive applications....
Authors: Jian Qiang Guo, Hitoshi Ohmori, Kazutoshi Katahira, Yoshihiro Uehara
Abstract:Ceramics has many advantages that cannot be substituted by metals, but its machining induced defects, such as crack and crater, are the...
Authors: H.P. Yuan, Hang Gao, Yong Jie Bao, Yong Bo Wu
Abstract:Aiming at solving the problems of wheel loading in dry grinding of Carbon/Epoxy composite materials, a novel electroplated grinding wheel...
Authors: Junichi Tamaki, Akihiko Kubo, Ji Wang Yan
Abstract:The elastic and/or plastic behaviors of glass quartz, the most popular optical material and a hard and brittle material, were studied...
Authors: Feng Wei Huo, Dong Ming Guo, Ren Ke Kang, Zhu Ji Jin
Abstract:A 3D profiler based on scanning white light interferometry with a lateral sampling interval of 0.11μm was introduced to measure the surface...
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