Progress in Sol-Gel Production

Volume 391

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: George W. Scherer, George S. Wheeler

Abstract: Consolidants are sols or solutions that are used to restore the strength of weathered stone. The liquids are drawn into the pores of stone...

Authors: Thierry Woignier, A. Hafidi Alaoui, Juan Primera, J. Phalippou

Abstract: Different sets of silica aerogels (classical aerogels, partially dense aerogels, composite aerogels) have been studied in the objective to...

Authors: Nicolás de la Rosa-Fox, Victor Morales-Flórez, Manuel Piñero, Luis Maria Esquivias Fedriani

Abstract: Acoustic cavitation effects in sol-gel liquid processing permits to obtain nanostructured materials, with size-dependent properties. The...

Authors: Quan Chen, Andrew M. Soutar

Abstract: Sol-gel technology has been proved as a very valuable tool for producing and processing ceramic materials for advanced applications...

Authors: Marcos Zayat, David Levy

Abstract: We emphasize in this chapter the Sol-Gel chemistry, which has gained a large number of researchers, developing interesting and...

Authors: Plinio Innocenzi, Galo Soler Illia

Abstract: Self-assembly through supramolecular templates is an advanced process for preparing thin films with ordered mesostructure and tuned pore...

Authors: Dibyendu Ganguli, Raghavan Subasri, Ranganathan Varadharajan

Abstract: A brief update (2001 till the present) is presented on published records on nano- and microcomposites involving inorganic compounds as...

Authors: Antonio J. Salinas, Maria Vallet-Regí

Abstract: Sol–gel synthesis is used for the fabrication of new materials with technological applications including ceramics for implants...

Authors: Lisa C. Klein

Abstract: The sol-gel process has been used to modify the electrolyte membrane used in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and direct...


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