Mesoporous Thin Films: An Example of Pore Engineered Material


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Self-assembly through supramolecular templates is an advanced process for preparing thin films with ordered mesostructure and tuned pore arrays; the overall process is a combination of sol-gel and supramolecular chemistry, while the organization is driven by solvent evaporation. Controlling of the process allows obtaining a nanomaterial whose ordered and open porosity can be exploited for applications in different fields. In the article we give a general overview of self-assembly during thin films deposition from a liquid phase and we present some possible fields of applications.



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Luis Esquivias




P. Innocenzi and G. Soler Illia, "Mesoporous Thin Films: An Example of Pore Engineered Material", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 391, pp. 109-120, 2009

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October 2008




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