Advances in Strength of Materials

Volume 399

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vadim V. Silberschmidt, Juan Pablo Casas-Rodriguez, Ian A. Ashcroft

Abstract: The paper presents results of studies into the effect of repetitive low-energy impacting (known as impact fatigue) on reliability and crack...

Authors: Tomasz Sadowski, Liviu Marsavina

Abstract: Modelling of polycrystalline ceramics built up of different phases has been done within mesomechanical approach. Porous ceramics consists of...

Authors: Marin Sandu, Adriana Sandu, Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Ştefan Sorohan

Abstract: Adhesive bonding is a particularly effective method of assembling complex structures, especially those made from dissimilar materials. If...

Authors: Ionel Chirica, Elena Felicia Beznea, Alexandru Chirica

Abstract: The paper describes the results from mechanical testing and numerical analyses for the adhesive joints used in ship structures. The work...

Authors: Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Marin Sandu, Liviu Marsavina, Radu Negru, Matei Constantin Miron, Dragos Alexandru Apostol

Abstract: Interface damage characterization and interlaminar failure of sandwich specimens with two initial interlaminar defects (inserts) is done by...

Authors: Elena Felicia Beznea, Ionel Chirica, Raluca Chirica

Abstract: In this paper, results obtained on buckling behavior of ship deck plates made of composite materials are presented. The fabrication...

Authors: Liviu Marsavina, Tomasz Sadowski, Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Radu Negru

Abstract: . Polyurethane foam materials are widely used as cores in sandwich composites, for packing and cushioning. The main characteristics of foams...

Authors: Alin Constantin Murariu, Voicu Ioan Safta, Traian Fleşer

Abstract: The thermoplastic polymer components are used in new domains and the evaluation of their characteristics in specific conditions represents a...

Authors: Lluís Gil, Juan José Cruz, Marco Antonio Pérez

Abstract: The reinforcement of concrete structures with laminates of carbon fibers CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) began in the 1970’s but...

Authors: Katrien Audenaert, Liviu Marsavina, Geert de Schutter

Abstract: Chloride initiated reinforcement corrosion is the main durability problem for concrete structures in a marine environment. If the chlorides...


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