Experimental Study on Shear Failure of High-Strength Concrete Beams with High-Strength Stirrups


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19 RC beams with shear span-to-depth equal to 3 were tested under a stiff testing facility, and complete load-deflection curves including the post-peak branch were obtained. Based on the test results the effects of concrete strength, stirrups strength, inclined stirrup angle, the amount of longitudinal reinforcement on failure mode, shear ductility index and shear capacity were analyzed. The test results were compared with the shear design approaches of Chinese Code and American Code. The results indicate that the shear failure of beam with appropriate web reinforcement has finite ductility. High-strength concrete beams with high-strength stirrups can increase not only the shear capacity, but also the shear ductility. The shear capacity of beams with high-strength concrete and stirrup can be designed with Chinese Code, but shear capacity of high-strength concrete beams without stirrups, or with the smaller amount of longitudinal reinforcement, and normal strength concrete beams with high-strength stirrups may be over-estimated by the Code.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 400-402)

Edited by:

Jingsi Huo, Yan Xiao, Zongjin Li and Shuaib Ahmad






W. J. Yi and Y. M. Lv, "Experimental Study on Shear Failure of High-Strength Concrete Beams with High-Strength Stirrups", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 400-402, pp. 857-863, 2009

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October 2008




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