SiAlONs and Non-oxides

Volume 403

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Derek P. Thompson, Yue Zhang

Abstract: The preparation of high temperature ceramics simultaneously containing silicon, nitrogen and carbon has only relatively recently become an...

Authors: Malgorzata Sopicka-Lizer, Tomasz Pawlik, Tomasz Włodek, Marta Tańcula

Abstract: The high-energy milling uses the mechanical energy to activate chemical reactions by developing structural changes in the powder particles....

Authors: Masayoshi Mikami, Satoshi Shimooka, Kyota Uheda, Hiroyuki Imura, Naoto Kijima

Abstract: A new oxynitride, Ba3Si6O12N2, has been synthesized. The crystal structure has been successfully determined by close collaboration between...

Authors: Kyota Uheda

Abstract: Multiternary nitride and oxynitride compounds doped with rare earth ions, such as Eu2+ and Ce3+ have been enthusiastically applied as...

Authors: Sara Yoshio, Junichi Tatami, Toru Wakihara, Katsutoshi Komeya, Takeshi Meguro

Abstract: Electrically conductive Si3N4 ceramics were fabricated by dispersion of different characteristics of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). When the...

Authors: Toyohiko Yano, Junichi Yamane, Katsumi Yoshida

Abstract: For the transmutation of the very long half-lived isotopes which are separated from the spent nuclear fuels, it is necessary to find proper...

Authors: S. Chockalingam, J.P. Kelly, V.R.W. Amarakoon, James R. Varner

Abstract: Microwave sintered Si3N4-MgO system that contains 2, 4 and 10 wt% of ZrO2 as secondary particulates were investigated with respect to phase...

Authors: Hiromasa Yabuki, Toru Wakihara, Junichi Tatami, Katsutoshi Komeya, Takeshi Meguro, Hideki Kita, Naoki Kondo, Kiyoshi Hirao

Abstract: Post-reaction sintering is one of the fabrication processes of Si3N4 ceramics, which has received considerable attention as a cost-effective...

Authors: Daisuke Horikawa, Junichi Tatami, Toru Wakihara, Katsutoshi Komeya, Takeshi Meguro

Abstract: HfO2-added Si3N4 ceramics are known to exhibit excellent high-temperature strength and excellent damage characteristics because HfO2 assists...

Authors: Ryota Kobayashi, Junichi Tatami, Toru Wakihara, Katsutoshi Komeya, Takeshi Meguro, Rong Tu, Takashi Goto

Abstract: AlN–SiC solid solutions with p-type electrical conduction were fabricated with the addition of small amounts of Al and C. Powder mixtures of...


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