SiAlONs and Non-oxides

Volume 403

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rong Jun Xie, Mamoru Mitomo, Naoto Hirosaki

Abstract: -sialon and related compounds have been long known as structural ceramics due to their excellent thermomechanical properties. In this...

Authors: Stuart Hampshire, Michael J. Pomeroy

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of the preparation of M-Si-Al-O-N glasses and outlines the effects of composition on properties. As nitrogen...

Authors: Michael J. Pomeroy, Stuart Hampshire

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of the crystallisation of an oxynitride glass likely to remain in a silicon nitride ceramic following...

Authors: Young Jo Park, Eun Ah Noh, Joong Ho Ahn, Hai Doo Kim

Abstract: A cost-effective route to synthesize β-SiAlONs from Si mixture by reaction bonding followed by post-sintering was investigated. Three...

Authors: A. Kalemtas, Nurcan Calis Acikbas, Ferhat Kara, Hasan Mandal, Kristoffer Krnel, Tomaž Kosmač

Abstract: In the present study, interactions between AlN and SiAlON laminated couples were investigated after gas pressure (GPS) and spark plasma...

Authors: Marco Riva, Rainer Oberacker, Michael J. Hoffmann, Carlos Ziebert

Abstract: Effects of plasma etching on mixed /-sialon ceramics with different /-ratiowere investigated. A mix of CF4/O2 in a ratio of 2:1 was...

Authors: L.K.L. Falk, Yvonne Menke, Stuart Hampshire

Abstract: This paper is focussed on the development of microstructure during crystallisation heat treatment of B-phase parent glasses with composition...

Authors: Nurcan Calis Acikbas, Ferhat Kara, Hasan Mandal

Abstract: - SiAlON ceramics were produced from different starting Si3N4 powders including β-Si3N4 and α-Si3N4 powders and mixtures of these...

Authors: Jun Ming Xue, Qian Liu, Ming Fang, Li Li Ma, Tong Ping Xiu, Lin Hua Gui

Abstract: In order to prepare translucent sialon more easily, LiF was used as a non-oxide sintering additive to lower the sintering temperature to...

Authors: Kei Asakoshi, Junichi Tatami, Katsutoshi Komeya, Takeshi Meguro, Masahiro Yokouchi

Abstract: β-SiAlON powder was used as a raw powder to fabricate α/β-SiAlON composite ceramics with different rare earth elements. The phases present...


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