SiAlONs and Non-oxides

Volume 403

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Bing Cheng, Kun Wang, Huan Ting Wang

Abstract: Mesoporous silica-carbon nanocomposites (C-SiO2) were synthesized and used as a host carrier in carbothermal reduction to fabricate highly...

Authors: Hans Joachim Kleebe, Heike Störmer

Abstract: Polymer-derived SiCN glasses with tailored polymer architectures were characterized by TEM and EF-SAED upon pyrolysis at 1000 °C and...

Authors: Jing Xian Zhang, Qing Ling Lin, Dong Liang Jiang

Abstract: The present study was performed to determine the suitable processing conditions to obtain boron carbide slurries for gelcasting. We examined...

Authors: Jin Seok Lee, Toshiyuki Nishimura, Hidehiko Tanaka, Sea Hoon Lee

Abstract: Single-phase and hexagonal plate-like Al4SiC4 powder was successfully synthesized using a mixture of Al(OH)3, SiO2 and carbon via a...

Authors: Dong Liang Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, the aqueous gelcasting of carbide ceramics (SiC, TiC, and B4C) were studied systematically. N, N-dimethyl acrylamide (DMAA)...

Authors: Yoshihiro Hirata, Naoki Matsunaga, Nobuhiro Hidaka, Shuhei Tabata, Soichiro Sameshima

Abstract: Liquid phase sintering based on the dissolution-precipitation mechanism was applied to densify a 0.8 μm SiC powder with alumina (1.2...

Authors: Hidehiko Tanaka

Abstract: - and -SiC powder mixtures with 0.3 mass% of AlB2 were sintered at 2200oC. Porous materials having 43-45% porosity were obtained. Grains...

Authors: Shoko Suyama, Yoshiyasu Itoh

Abstract: A newly developed high-strength reaction-sintered silicon carbide (SiC), which has two or three times higher strength than the normal...

Authors: Junichi Hojo, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Mikinori Hotta

Abstract: SiC ceramics were fabricated from submicron- and nano-sized starting powders with Y2O3 and AlN additives by SPS process. The SPS process and...

Authors: Ikuko Yamada, Shoichi Kume, Hiromi Nakano, Koji Watari

Abstract: Thermal properties of SiC at the micrometer-scale were measured quantitatively with a thermal microscope using thermo-reflectance and...


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