Research on Some Properties of Fly Ash Concrete with Nano-CaCO3 Middle Slurry


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Some long-term properties such as anti-carbonation properties, shrinkage, penetrability of chloride ion of fly ash concrete with nano-CaCO3 middle slurry were studied. Test results showed that the properties of anti-carbonation and impenetrability for chloride of fly ash concrete increased by adding nano-CaCO3 middle slurry because the tiny hole was filled by nano-CaCO3 and the density of concrete increased. But at the same time, the shrinkage of fly ash concrete with and without nano-CaCO3 was the same. Results of SEM also implied the hydration degree of fly ash could be increased by nano-CaCO3.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 405-406)

Edited by:

Hao-Wen YE and Gai-Fei PENG




K. L. Qian et al., "Research on Some Properties of Fly Ash Concrete with Nano-CaCO3 Middle Slurry", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 405-406, pp. 186-190, 2009

Online since:

January 2009




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