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Authors: De Yuan Zhang, Jun Cai, Xing Gang Jiang, Xin Han, Bo Chen
Abstract:The connotative meaning and trend of bionic design and manufacturing was analyzed. A new bioforming technology was presented, which will...
Authors: Daisuke Murakami
Abstract:Cutting tools have been improved to endure severe environments in cutting operations. Especially, ceramic film coating technologies are...
Authors: Kusuhiko Sakagami, Shinichi Kouno, Tsutomu Yamamoto
Abstract:WC-βt-Co alloys have been widely applied to cutting tools because they are superior to WC-Co alloys in oxidation, plastic deformation and...
Authors: Wen Zhuang Lu, Dun Wen Zuo, Feng Xu, Chun Yang, Min Wang
Abstract:Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond coatings were deposited on milling cutter substrate using a hollow substrate holder. The substrate is...
Authors: Katsuhiko Sakai, Yasuo Suzuki, Hisaya Inoue, Katsuyoshi Utino, Yasuyuki Horikoshi
Abstract:This paper describes the effects of novel nitriding technique used in various carbide cutting tools. In manufacturing, eco-friendly machining...
Authors: Tao Yu, Su Yu Wang, Xiu Long Chen, Yun Xiao Fan
Abstract: The gear plunge shaving process is a widely used process for soft finishing of gears in the gear manufacturing industry. But it is difficult...
Authors: Akira Mizobuchi, Masahiro Masuda, Tasuku Higaino
Abstract: Inconel 625® contained Ni 61%, Cr 21.5%, Mo 9% and so on is one of the nickel base super heat resistant alloys and is used for parts in food...
Authors: Heisaburo Nakagawa, Keiji Ogawa, Satoshi Demachi, Hideyasu Hasegawa
Abstract:In this study we attempted to suppress chatter vibration in end-milling of austenitic stainless steels with an end-mill having different...
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