Tensile Properties of Open Cell Ceramic Foams


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Full understanding of response of highly porous (cellular) ceramic foams to different mechanical loading conditions is important because of their potential use in industry, medical and other applications. Technique of tensile test of ceramic foam materials has been developed and first knowledge is described in the paper. Tested material was based on alumina ceramic; it was manufactured by slurry coating of polyurethane foam. Two cell sizes were included into the study 10 and 60 PPI. Testing procedure consists from fixation of ceramic foam into aluminium pots by suitable adhesive. Tensile test results generated using two specimen sizes with cross-section 10x10 and 15x15 mm have been statistically analysed. Basic fractographic analysis was applied to get corresponding figure about specimens behaviour during tensile loading.



Edited by:

J. Dusza, R. Danzer, R. Morrell and G.D. Quinn






I. Dlouhý et al., "Tensile Properties of Open Cell Ceramic Foams", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 409, pp. 168-175, 2009

Online since:

March 2009




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