Porosity Measurement Method by X-Ray Computed Tomography


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This paper describes a new nondestructive approach for porosity measurement developed in response to a need for a more accurate porosity measuring method for solid samples. The conventional methods in X-ray CT imaging are based on image segmentation where a threshold is applied at a user-defined value. As a result, the uncertainty in the porosity measurement is introduced. Therefore, the new method, called the grey level method, which reflects the phenomenon of image processing and computation of ration between the volume of voids and the total volume of the entire sample, was considered and improved in term of image noise and artifacts. The volumes of 2D CT image as a surface are achieved by means of integrating the surface with operations relating to image histogram. The porosity value is given from the curve of a porosity distribution. Subsequently, the properties of individual pores were measured and comparison with conventional destructive method of porosity computation was carried out. Also limitations of industrial X-ray CT as well as their accuracy are discussed.



Edited by:

J. Dusza, R. Danzer, R. Morrell and G.D. Quinn






J. Prokop et al., "Porosity Measurement Method by X-Ray Computed Tomography", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 409, pp. 402-405, 2009

Online since:

March 2009




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