Fractography of Advanced Ceramics III

Volume 409

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Roger Morrell, Walter Harrer, Robert Danzer, Karl Berroth

Abstract: Tool surfaces for the forming of shaped steel strips are typically made from cemented carbides. Disadvantages of these tools are that they...

Authors: Jana Špaková, Ján Dusza

Abstract: Study compare R-curve behaviour of silicon nitride obtained using Vickers indented beam specimens and single edge V-notched beam (SEVNB)....

Authors: Dariusz Zientara, Mirosław M. Bućko, Jerzy Lis

Abstract: Dense polycrystalline aluminium oxynitride with spinel structure, -alon, is noted for its excellent thermal properties, high-temperature...

Authors: Helena Bruncková, Ľubomír Medvecký, Ján Mihalik

Abstract: Lead iron niobate Pb(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3 (PFN) ceramics were prepared using sol-gel synthesis by mixing acetates Pb and Fe with Nb-ethylene...

Authors: Pavol Hvizdoš, Ravikiran Chintapalli, Jorge Valle, Marc Anglada

Abstract: Effect of low-temperature degradation of 3Y-TZP ceramics (polycrystalline zirconia stabilized by 3mol% of yttria) on contact damage...

Authors: Martin Černý, Zdeněk Chlup, Zbyněk Sucharda, Petr Glogar

Abstract: Composite materials based on polysiloxane matrix reinforced by basalt fibres were prepared in laboratories of the IRSM ASCR. The composite...

Authors: Nina Pavlovic, Dragan Rajnovic, L. Sidjanin, Vladimir V. Srdic

Abstract: Cerium- and lanthanum- substituted bismuth titanate (Bi4-xAxTi3O12; where A=La or Ce, and x=0, 0.5 and 1) ceramics were prepared from...

Authors: Miriam Kupková

Abstract: The existing density-pressure laws for a powder undergoing die compaction fit experimental data very well except for the low-pressure end of...

Authors: Maria Berkes Maros, Nikoletta Kaulics Helmeczi, Péter Arató, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: A comprehensive experimental and theoretical work aiming at studying the dynamic failure process of silicon nitride ceramics has been...

Authors: Tomaž Kosmač, Mariusz Andrejczuk, Sebastjan Perko

Abstract: Moderately porous Y-TZP dental ceramics were designed to combine the high strength and fracture toughness of densely sintered Y-TZP and the...


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