Fractography of Advanced Ceramics III

Volume 409

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Olga Shikimaka, Daria Grabco, Katalin Balázsi, Z. Danitsa, I. Mirgorodscaia, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: The peculiarities of contact-induced deformation in nano-, micro- and macroscopic scale of silicon nitride ceramic composites have been...

Authors: Alexandra Kovalčíková, Ján Dusza, Pavol Šajgalík

Abstract: The effect of the heat treatment on the fracture toughness and flexural strength of the silicon carbide – silicon nitride composites...

Authors: Orsolya Koszor, Andre Lindemann, François Davin, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: Thermophysical and tribological measurements have been performed on carbon nanotube added silicon nitride composites. Higher thermal...

Authors: Jozef Miškuf, Kornel Csach, Alena Juríková, Elena D. Tabachnikova, Vladimir Z. Bengus, Aleksey V. Podolskiy, Vladimir Nesterenko

Abstract: The fracture surface morphology of Fe76Ni2Si9B13 bulk amorphous alloys failed in compression at temperatures from 4.2 to 300 K was...

Authors: Jana Bidulská, Tibor Kvačkaj, Marco Actis Grande, Róbert Bidulský

Abstract: The present work deals with the compressibility behaviour of a new generation of coated metal/ceramic composite powders. A commercial 316L...

Authors: Balazs Fényi, Norbert Hegman, K. Szemmelveisz, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: Electrical properties of the insulator silicon nitride ceramics may be improved by addition of electrical conductive parts. The conductive...

Authors: Orsolya Koszor, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: We have investigated the influence of the milling time on the structure and mechanical properties of the nanocomposite, as well as the...

Authors: Kornel Csach, Jozef Miškuf, Alena Juríková, Václav Ocelík

Abstract: The application of FINEMET-type materials with specific magnetic properties prepared by the crystallization of amorphous alloys is often...

Authors: Peter Tatarko, Štefánia Lojanová, Ján Dusza, Pavol Šajgalík

Abstract: Fracture toughness of hot-pressed silicon nitride and Si3N4+SiC nanocomposites prepared with different rare-earth oxides (La2O3, Sm2O3,...

Authors: Judit Pfeifer, Enikõ Horváth, Zófia Vértesy, Péter Arató, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: The deformation of ceramic matrix composites (CMC) is controlled by several processes occurring in the matrix, in the enforcing phase, at...


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