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Authors: Marion Merklein, Markus Kaupper
Abstract:Nowadays advanced high strength steel sheets and related forming technologies play an important role in lightweight construction in the...
Authors: Antonio Fiorentino, Elisabetta Ceretti, Aldo Attanasio, Dario Braga, Claudio Giardini
Abstract:THF process is a forming technique that consists of tube deformation by means of hydraulic pressure and punches which guarantee the tube ends...
Authors: Antonio del Prete, Teresa Primo, Gabriele Papadia, Barbara Manisi
Abstract:Sheet hydroforming has gained increasing interest in the automotive and aerospace industries because of its many advantages such as higher...
Authors: W. Homberg, A. Erman Tekkaya, Charlotte Beerwald, Alexander Brosius, J. Dau, Michael Trompeter
Abstract:In this paper, the use of partially or tailored cladded blanks is proposed for the production of multifunctional lightweight components....
Authors: Antonio del Prete, Gabriele Papadia, Alfredo Anglani
Abstract:The increasing application of numerical simulation in metal forming field has helped engineers to solve problems one after another to...
Authors: Michael Trompeter, Boris Rauscher, Hossein Karbasian, A. Erman Tekkaya, W. Homberg
Abstract:This paper presents a sectionwise hydroforming technique for manufacturing of large-area multi-cell sheet metal structures in terms of hump...
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