Fatigue Properties Assessment of Corroded Cable


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Based on fatigue test results of corroded wires obtained from dissection of actual parallel wire cables which were used on a certain domestic cable-stayed bridge, the fatigue properties of corroded parallel wire cable are investigated by the method of Monte Carlo simulation in this paper. The results of fatigue life and corrosion degree of corroded wire are presented. Comparisons between the original design information and fatigue test results, it can be seen that corrosions make the fatigue lives of wires decreasing sharply. The fatigue life of individual wire is described by Weibull distribution considered some useful parameters such as, stress range, mean stress, mean static strength and length effects. The effects of percentage of broken wire, cable S-N curve parameter on cable fatigue life are discussed. It can be seen that the cable fatigue lives are controlled by a small fraction of the cable wires with the shortest fatigue lives. Finally, the S-N curves of cable are calculated by Monte Carlo simulations based on the results of individual wire fatigue test, and compared with the results of cable fatigue test.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 413-414)

Edited by:

F. Chu, H. Ouyang, V. Silberschmidt, L. Garibaldi, C.Surace, W.M. Ostachowicz and D. Jiang






C. M. Lan and H. Li, "Fatigue Properties Assessment of Corroded Cable", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 413-414, pp. 757-764, 2009

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June 2009




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