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Authors: Li Min Shi, Yong Jiang Niu, Er Liang Liu, Yong Feng Ma
Abstract:Magnetic-electrochemical compound polishing is applied in difficult-to-process materials little by little. The influence of the magnetic...
Authors: Yu Fu Wang, Yun Huang, Zhi Huang, Liang Yi
Abstract:To solve the problems of the reduces in belt life、low in metal removal rate and environmental pollution by using conventional grinding fluid,...
Authors: Shi Chao Xiu, Zhi Jie Geng, Peng Bo Xiu
Abstract:Point grinding is a new type of high and super-high speed grinding process with a point contact zone and less grinding force. Because of the...
Authors: Fu Qiang Tong, Yong Zhang, Fei Hu Zhang
Abstract:This paper describes the current situation of spherical grinding for carbide material. The experiment of Concave spherical ELID grinding of...
Authors: Jian Xin Zheng, Jia Wen Xu, Chuan Shao Liu
Abstract:An ultrasonic grinding technology named NC-Contour Evolution Ultrasonic Assisted Creep Feed Grinding that using a simple shaped diamond...
Authors: Wen Zhuang Lu, Dun Wen Zuo, Yu Li Sun, Yu Fei Zhao, Feng Xu, Rong Fa Chen
Abstract:The abrasive ice disc chemical mechanical polishing (AID-CMP) is a potential polishing process in the semiconductor industry to realize...
Authors: Ou Xie, Hua Li, Yan Li
Abstract:According to the requirement for high-precision and processing features of the internal grinding, the hardware and software of an internal...
Authors: Zheng Mei Zhang, Jin Sheng Zhang, Zhi Wang, Chun Ying Zheng
Abstract:Based on orthogonal experiment design the study about the irregular surface of Qilu Red granite was performed, the tend charts of technologic...
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