Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XV

Volume 416

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Na Si, Yun Huang, Zhi Huang, Yu Fu Wang

Abstract: In this paper, performing experiment on abrasive belt grinding of glass reinforced plastic, the reasons why belt is slipping is analyzed...

Authors: Tong Xing, Hai Hui Zheng, Wei Li

Abstract: Double-sided polishing machine is widely used to high precision dimension, high accuracy surface, and ultra-smooth surface without damage...

Authors: Lin Ma, Shi Ying Wang, Ming Lv, Gang Ya

Abstract: Ultrasonic vibration can reduce honing forces efficiently. As the honing wheel can be washed by ultrasonic cavitations of cooling liquid,...

Authors: Li Rong Tan, Yan Hui Wang, Jian Bing Zang, Jin Hui Zhang

Abstract: Ni-coated diamond grits are widely used in resin-bonding diamond tools for that nickel coating could not only increase the surface...

Authors: Zhao Zhong Zhou, Ju Long Yuan, Bing Hai Lv, Jia Jin Zheng

Abstract: The correction process of balls roundness error during lapping is discussed qualitatively. Dynamic analysis for rotated dual-plates lapping...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Bo Zhao, Feng Jiao, Yu Li

Abstract: The polishing experiment of the ZrO2 toughed Al2O3 nano-ceramics is carried on by the ultrasonic installment manufactured according to the...

Authors: Xiu Hong Li, Shi Chun Yang, Sheng Qiang Yang, Yong Ning Gao

Abstract: A new swirling airflow finishing process is put forward mainly for hole surface. Flows field analysis is done through computational fluid...

Authors: Wei Ming Zeng, Xipeng Xu, Zhi Jian Pei

Abstract: As one of the cost-effective machining methods for advanced ceramics, rotary ultrasonic machining (RUM) has attracted much attention and...

Authors: Zhi Ming Lv, Yun Huang, Zhi Huang, Li Na Si

Abstract: The method of abrasive belt finishing slender piston rod was proposed in this paper, which based on low surface roughness weaknesses of low...

Authors: Yong Xiang Li, Xiao Qin Bi, Jun Shun Zhang, Guo Ding Chen, Ning Zhao

Abstract: According to the forming theory of face gear’s teeth surface, abrasive machining of face gear was studied through establishing abrasive...


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