Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XV

Volume 416

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Ji Zhan, Yuan Li, Hui Huang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: Grinding forces, protrusion height, grinding temperatures and wear of diamond grits have been studied in grinding cemented carbide YG8 with...

Authors: Ju Long Yuan, Ke Feng Tang, Zhi Wei Wang, Tao Hong

Abstract: This paper analyses the influence of indenter’s vertex angle on the ‘trap’ effect of the semi-fixed abrasive plate (SAP) with discrete...

Authors: Wan Shan Wang, Chong Su, Zi Rui Pang, Jun Ming Hou

Abstract: Three-dimensional cutting process of single grain in the shape of polygonal pyramid was simulated by coupled Euler-Lagrange method. The...

Authors: Wan Shan Wang, Chong Su, Tian Biao Yu, Li Da Zhu

Abstract: Based on virtual reality technology, a friendly human-computer interaction interface and virtual machining environment were developed by...

Authors: Shan Shan Hu, Cheng Yong Wang, Cheng Gang Chen, Ying Ning Hu, Pei Xing Qin

Abstract: For defects of low-plastic, brittle damage and micro-crack, brittle-hard materials are often collapsed and ruptured, and processing surface...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: The current study involves the use of ultrasonic vibration of the electrolyte to assist in removing electrolytic product and cuttings from...

Authors: Zhong Ming Cui, Peng Hui Deng, Lei Du

Abstract: The dressing processes are conducted on the diamond grinding wheels using the rotary diamond tools and compared between the single point...

Authors: Yong Tian, Xian Zhou Cao

Abstract: Analyze the familiar failures and its elimination of hydraulic system which affect the processing precision of grinding machine. Find out...

Authors: Xing Xin Xu, Ya Lin Mo, Chuan Shao Liu, Bo Zhao

Abstract: In recent years, particle reinforced metal matrix composites (PRMMCs)has been widely applied because of its excellent mechanical...

Authors: Zhong Feng Pan, Gui Cheng Wang, Chong Lue Hua, Hong Jie Pei

Abstract: An improved neural network based on L-M algorithm has been applied to the prediction of the grind-hardening parameters against to the slow...


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