Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XV

Volume 416

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Cheng Wang, Zhong Feng Pan, Jin Yu Zhang, Chong Lue Hua, Ju Dong Liu

Abstract: According to the grind-hardening test and using the multiple linear regression analysis, the empirical formula of the tangential grinding...

Authors: Heng Hua Zhao, Chong Su

Abstract: Grinding is one of the most extensive manufacture technics. Grinding process becomes very complex and difficult to analyze, because the...

Authors: Yan Chen, Hong Jun Xu, Yu Can Fu, Hong Hua Su

Abstract: The shear strength samples of brazed single crystal diamond with the (72Ag–28Cu)–xTi (x=2, 4, 7wt.%) active filler metal were prepared,...

Authors: Wen Guo Huo, Jiu Hua Xu, Yu Can Fu

Abstract: This paper was dedicated to elucidate an investigation of grinding force and workpiece surface of Titanium alloy TA15 in dry grinding by...

Authors: Ke Ma, Hong Jun Xu, Yu Can Fu

Abstract: A new type of brazed diamond grinding wheel with a rotating heat pipe is developed to effectively remove the heat generated in the grinding...

Authors: Hong Hua Su, Yu Can Fu, Jiu Hua Xu, Wen Feng Ding, Hong Jun Xu

Abstract: In order to improve the machining performance of the new type porous metal bond wheel, a new attempt were carried out for fabricating porous...

Authors: Ai Bing Yu, Xiu Zhi Wang, Zhao Li, Xin Li Tian

Abstract: Coating quality and electroplating efficiency can be improved by application of ultrasonic agitation. The nickel coatings and electroplated...

Authors: Ming Ming Wu, Jian Ming Zhan, Jian Bo Zhang

Abstract: . Lots of new automatic polishing methods and equipments have been developed to solve the problem of low efficiency and quality in the...

Authors: Yang Fu Jin, Xun Lv, Xiao Dong Hu, Wei Li

Abstract: Dual-rotating plates lapping method is a new type of ball machining technology, in which the spin axis angle of the ball could wiggle up to...

Authors: Chang He Li, Ya Li Hou, Yu Cheng Ding, Bing Heng Lu

Abstract: The abrasive jet finishing process with wheel as restraint is a kind of compound precision finishing process that combined grinding with...


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