Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XV

Volume 416

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Fei Gao, Pei Qi Ge, Shao Jie Li

Abstract: Based on reciprocating electroplated diamond wire saw slicing single crystal silicon experiments, a bonded interface sectioning technique...

Authors: Pei Qi Ge, Yu Fei Gao, Shao Jie Li, Zhi Jian Hou

Abstract: Development of high performance diamond impregnated wire is the key of application for fixed-abrasive wire sawing technology. In this paper,...

Authors: Zeng Wen Liu, Chuan Zhen Huang

Abstract: It is desirable that the precision of the shape and the dimension of stone products in top grade decoration is getting higher. Grinding is...

Authors: Pei Qi Ge, Zhi Jian Hou, Shao Jie Li

Abstract: Because its advantages of lower manufacture cost and higher slicing quality, the resin bonded diamond wire saw is supposed to be used widely...

Authors: Zi Qiang Zhang, Shang Lin Wen, Shao Bo Chen, Zhi Dan Zheng

Abstract: The grinding for cylindrical cam’s groove means grinding for groove’s flanks. For cylindrical cam with translating cylindrical followers, an...

Authors: Wen Hui Li, Sheng Qiang Yang, Shi Chun Yang, Hong Ling Chen

Abstract: At present, crankshafts are finished mostly by abrasive cloth and manual steel brush, which is not ideal on finishing quality, efficiency,...

Authors: Ming Rang Cao, Yan Qing Wang, Sheng Qiang Yang, Weng Hui Li

Abstract: The two disadvantages of EDM are the low material removal rate (MRR) and poor surface quality. In this investigation, EDM assisted by...

Authors: Sheng Qiang Yang, Wen Hui Li, Shi Chun Yang

Abstract: For the precise hole surface, the burr severely affects products’ performance. Considering the specific conditions of the precise hole...

Authors: Dong Xiang Chen, Qiang Feng

Abstract: A new method of the abrasive tool topography simulation for surface-contact grinding is advanced based on the description of exposed grain...

Authors: Jian Xiu Su, Yin Xia Zhang, Xi Qu Chen, Bin Feng Yang, Dong Ming Guo

Abstract: The components of material removal in wafer Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) was described qualitatively based on theory of corrosive...


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