Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XV

Volume 416

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Qi Hu, Ming Li Xie, Yu Kun Li, Yi Tong Zhang

Abstract: In view of the special characteristics of cams grinding, some key technologies of grinding force adaptive control system are researched,...

Authors: Jian Qiu, Ya Dong Gong, Yue Ming Liu, Yan Cheng Zhang

Abstract: It is important that preparing high quality grinding wheel to match Quick-point grinding processing. Using brazed CBN grinding wheel, grains...

Authors: Ya Dong Gong, Jian Qiu, Yu Jiao Liu, Jun Cheng, Fan Xu

Abstract: A study on the wear of Quick-point grinding wheel was carried on. The wheel wear was found having great influence on grinding performance...

Authors: Zhi Huang, Yun Huang, Wei Wen Zhang, Yue Yu Wu

Abstract: This paper brings forward a new method of calculating the cutter location data for 6-axis simultaneous CNC abrasive belt grinding complex...

Authors: Hao Qiang Zhang, Xiao Ming Jia, Fei Wang

Abstract: Grinding fluid is the essential supplementary material in cemented carbide grinding process. The amine-base additive can make cobalt leach...

Authors: Zhan Yang, Bing Suo Pan, Kai Hua Yang

Abstract: Formula uniform design method was adopted to study the performance of iron-based matrix with high content of phosphorus and boron. Two forms...

Authors: Xin Gai Yao, Yan Hong Ding

Abstract: Magnetic finishing is a new machining technology. It was widely developed for its high productivity and quality, especially its better...

Authors: Zhi Bo Yang, Ai Ju Liu, Jiu Hua Xu

Abstract: Brazing diamond grits onto steel substrate using a Ni-based filler alloy was carried out via laser beam in an argon atmosphere. The...

Authors: Qian Jian Guo, Xiao Ni Qi

Abstract: This paper proposes a new thermal error modeling methodology called Clustering Regression Thermal Error Modeling which not only improves...

Authors: Xin Gai Yao, Yan Hong Ding, Gang Ya, Wei Wei Liu, Yuan Zhang

Abstract: In the paper, a new method of using rotating magnetic field generated by a stator of alternative electromotor to finish the inner surface of...


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