Mechanical Properties of Solids XI

Volume 423

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Lara, R. Poyato, A. Muñoz, A.L. Ortiz, Arturo Domínguez-Rodríguez

Abstract: Additive-free -SiC powders were sintered by means of Spark Plasma Sintering System. Experiments were performed in the temperature range...

Authors: Liz Añez, Juan Primera, Anwar Hasmy, Pedro Franceschini, Néstor Sánchez, Thierry Woignier

Abstract: This study introduces a method for a computational calculus of the Elasticity Modulus (E) of simulated porous media using the Monte Carlo...

Authors: Angela Gallardo-López, A. Morales-Rodríguez, Arturo Domínguez-Rodríguez, J.M. Córdoba, M.A. Avilés, F.J. Gotor

Abstract: The creep behavior of a TiCxN1-x-Co-Mo2C cermet has been investigated at temperatures between 1100-1200°C in an inert atmosphere to assess...

Authors: P. Simas, José San Juan, Robert Schaller, M.L. Nó

Abstract: A new high temperature mechanical spectrometer, based on an inverted torsion pendulum, has been constructed for the measurement of the...

Authors: Gemma Fargas, Marc Anglada, Antonio Mateo

Abstract: The martensitic transformation in austenitic stainless steels can be induced by plastic deformation at room temperature. The benefit of this...

Authors: I. Torca, A. Aginagalde, J.A. Esnaola, L. Galdos, Zigor Azpilgain, C. Garcia

Abstract: Aluminium alloys are more and more important for the automotive industry due to their high strength to weight ratio and their elevated...

Authors: Marta González, J. Peña, Jose Maria Manero, F.J. Gil

Abstract: Nowadays, β type Ti-based alloys have been developed for load transfer clinical applications due to their superelasticity, shape memory...

Authors: Marta López, M. Elena Gómez, David Reyes, K. Ramam, Ramalinga V. Mangalaraja, Pedro Prieto, José A. Jiménez

Abstract: The structure, mechanical and magnetic properties of Cu90Co5Ni5 alloys produced by mechanical alloying and subsequent cold consolidation and...

Authors: Alvaro Mestra, Gemma Fargas, Marc Anglada, Antonio Mateo

Abstract: Duplex stainless steels contain similar amounts of austenite  and ferrite α. This two-phase microstructure leads to an excellent...

Authors: B. Carcel, A.C. Carcel, P. Arrué

Abstract: Creep behaviour of closed cell aluminium foams and transitions from power law to power law breakdown (PLB) creep regimes are investigated...


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