Creep-Fatigue Interaction in the AISI H11 Tool Steel


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The effect of process parameters on the creep-fatigue behavior of a hot-work tool steel for aluminum extrusion die was investigated through a technological test in which the specimen geometry resembled the mandrel of a hollow extrusion die. Tests were performed on a Gleeble thermomechanical simulator by heating the specimen using joule’s effect and by applying cyclic loading up to 6.30 h or till specimen failure. Displacements during the tests at 380, 490, 540 and 580°C and under the average stresses of 400, 600 and 800 MPa were determined. A dwell time of 3 min was introduced during each of the tests to understand the creep behavior. The results showed that the test could indeed physically simulate the cyclic loading on the hollow die during extrusion and reveal all the mechanisms of creep-fatigue interaction.



Edited by:

A. Erman Tekkaya and Nooman Ben Khalifa






B. Reggiani et al., "Creep-Fatigue Interaction in the AISI H11 Tool Steel", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 424, pp. 205-212, 2010

Online since:

December 2009


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