Advances on Hot Extrusion and Simulation of Light Alloys

Volume 424

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Henry Sigvart Valberg

Abstract: The mechanics of metal flow through long choked die channels have been investigated in unlubricated hot aluminum extrusion. Experiments were...

Authors: Li Liang Wang, Jie Zhou, Jurek Duczczyk

Abstract: A novel extrusion testing method, double action extrusion (DAE), to highlight the effect of friction at the die bearing in aluminum...

Authors: C. Karadogan, R. Grueebler, Pavel Hora

Abstract: Friction is one of the most influential parameters in extrusion processes. The flow distribution is controlled using the effect of friction...

Authors: Serkan Ertürk, Dirk Steglich, Jan Bohlen, Dietmar Letzig, Wolfgang Brocks

Abstract: A yield function for hexagonal closed packed (hcp) metals was modified with respect to strain rate and temperature and developed to capture...

Authors: W. Libura, Artur Rękas, D. Leśniak

Abstract: The work presents the results of FEM simulations of extrusion process with the use of four – hole dies of various geometry. The traditional...

Authors: Kali Pada Maity, Akshaya Kumar Rout, Kalu Majhi

Abstract: Extrusion through mathematically contoured die plays a critical role in improvement of surface integrity of extruded product. There is...

Authors: Kali Pada Maity, Akshaya Kumar Rout

Abstract: The extrusion of section from round billet poses a great challenge for theoretical modeling of the process using upper bound method. The...

Authors: W. Assaad, H.J.M. Geijselaers, K.E. Nilsen

Abstract: The design of extrusion dies depends on the experience of the designer. After the die has been manufactured, it is tested during an...

Authors: Barbara Reggiani, Marco D’Ascenzo, Lorenzo Donati, Jie Zhou, Luca Tomesani

Abstract: The effect of process parameters on the creep-fatigue behavior of a hot-work tool steel for aluminum extrusion die was investigated through...

Authors: Gang Fang, Jie Zhou, Jurek Duczczyk

Abstract: Wide, thin-wall profiles exiting simultaneously from a multi-hole die during aluminum extrusion tend to have different velocities and...


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