Trends in Composite Materials and their Design

Volume 425

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lena Marks, Gerhard Ziegmann

Abstract: In recent years fibre reinforced plastics play a constantly improving role in a growing field of applications. From the chemical industry...

Authors: Bernhard Wielage, Tobias Müller, Daisy Weber, Thomas Maeder

Abstract: Most composite components are constructed in a very safe way, with thick walls and many laminate layers. The potential of lightweight...

Authors: Alejandro Londoño-Hurtado, Tim A. Osswald

Abstract: A current research effort at the Polymer Engineering Center (PEC) consists on providing the tools required to understand and predict defects...

Authors: Roberts Joffe

Abstract: Experimental results of performance of non-crimp fabric composites are presented in this paper. In order to characterize in-plane shear...

Authors: A. Saritha, Joseph Kuruvilla, Thomas Sabu

Abstract: This review aims at reporting on very recent developments in the synthesis, properties and (future) applications of rubber nanocomposites....

Authors: Bernhard Wielage, Daisy Weber, Tobias Müller, Heike Steger

Abstract: Conventional mechanical and structural properties allow to describe the complete composite material. They do, however, not describe the...

Authors: George Gejo, Joseph Kuruvilla, Abderrahim Boudenne, Thomas Sabu

Abstract: This review aims at reporting on very recent developments in the, properties and applications of Green Composites. One very important aspect...

Authors: Iman M. Taha, Gerhard Ziegmann

Abstract: The application of natural fibres as polymer reinforcement is of extreme interest, especially in combination with biodegradable polymers....

Authors: Ayman M. Kamal, Iman M. Taha

Abstract: This paper gives a wide view over recent research in dynamic characteristics and vibration damping properties of fiber-reinforced,...


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