Study the Cooperative Education Model under the Value Sight


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This paper utilizes the basic theory of education model research to carry on the discussion about the theory beginning, thought premise and value orientation of cooperative education model, then puts forward its concept, type and characteristic. Cooperative education model is a raise form which was supported by both school and enterprises (or research) to cultivate students' synthesizing capacity and the employment competitive power as a key point, using two kinds of different education environment and the educational resources of the university and the enterprise to unify the theoretical teaching, the practice education and the undertaking education together, to raise talents with the characteristics of high quality and application ability to meet the requirements of the modern society or the modern enterprises. Some one thinks that, if it though processing and refinement, the cooperative education model will become an effective theory that has its real and abundant intension and it is a kind of procedure knowledge that is suitable for study and quote.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 426-427)

Edited by:

Dunwen Zuo, Hun Guo, Guoxing Tang, Weidong Jin, Chunjie Liu and Chun Su






X.M. Xiong "Study the Cooperative Education Model under the Value Sight", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 426-427, pp. 395-398, 2010

Online since:

January 2010





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