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Authors: Hideki Sekine, Shoji Kamiya
Abstract:The fiber bridging effect, which affects the crack extension resistance in fibrous composites, is discussed in the case of in-plane-shear...
Authors: H. Suzuki, Hideki Sekine
Abstract:A probabilistic fracture model is introduced to clarify the influence of the fiber bundle-matrix interfacial condition on the fracture energy...
Authors: Makoto Katagiri, Akihiko Kumaki, Yoshito Izumi, H. Suzuki, Hideki Sekine
Abstract:By use of a probabilistic fracture model, a numerical simulation method for deformation and fracture behavior of whisker reinforced ceramics...
Authors: H. Suzuki, S. Kinugawa, Hideki Sekine
Abstract:On the basis of a micromechanical study, a method for evaluating load carrying capacity of notched CFRP laminates is developed. The damage...
Authors: Shoji Kamiya, Hideki Sekine
Abstract:Apparent fracture strength of notched fiber-reinforced composite laminates depends on the notch tip radius even if it is evaluated in terms...
Authors: Hideki Sekine, K. Yamada
Abstract:This paper concerns a micromechanical study of the tensile strength deterioration of short-glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastics by addition...
Authors: T. Okabe, M Nishikawa, Nobuo Takeda, Hideki Sekine
Abstract:This paper examines the stress distribution around a fiber break in alumina-fiber reinforced aluminum matrix (Al2O3/Al) composites using...
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