Superplasticity in Advanced Materials - ICSAM 2009

Volume 433

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gérard Bernhart, Vincent Velay, Philippe Lours

Abstract: During superplastic forming, dies are subjected to high temperatures and severe environmental conditions. Optimum material grade choice and...

Authors: Hari Raman, A.J. Barnes

Abstract: Superplastic Diaphragm Forming (SPDF) is applicable when parts are required to be shaped in materials that are either non-superplastic or...

Authors: Fadi K. Abu-Farha, Louis G. Hector, Mohammed A. Nazzal

Abstract: This paper is focused on the development of viable cruciform-shaped specimen geometries where large biaxial plastic deformation can be...

Authors: A. Chillman, Mamidala Ramulu, M. Hashish, A. Cantrell

Abstract: Ultra high-pressure waterjets (WJ) have gained consideration as a viable alternative to conventional material removal and cleaning methods...

Authors: A. Dixit, Mike Keavey, Alan Jocelyn, Jerome Way, Alexander Fanourakis

Abstract: Chemical cleaning has been used for several decades as a surface preparation technique for diffusion bonding. Here we present a theoretical...

Authors: Paul Wilson, Christopher Couzins-Short, Howard Chesterton, Alan Jocelyn

Abstract: Superplastic Forming and Diffusion Bonding (SPF/DB) have provided some of the lightest, strongest, corrosion resistant, elegant and complex...

Authors: Fadi K. Abu-Farha, Mohammed A. Nazzal, O. Rawashdeh, R. Michael

Abstract: In spite of the numerous advantages of hydro/pneumatic forming operations over the conventional mechanical ones, the inability to accurately...

Authors: J.T. Hayashi, E. Sarath Menon, J.Q. Su, Terry R. McNelley

Abstract: Multi-pass FSP was conducted on continuously-cast (CC) AA5083 materials in the as-cast condition. Stir zone grains were refined to ~1.0 –...

Authors: Christopher B. Smith, Arun Mohan, Rajiv S. Mishra, Murray Mahoney, Mike Miles, Scott M. Gillis, Lee M. Cerveny, Gerald Opichka

Abstract: The use of friction stir processing (FSP) on marine grade aluminum sheet has been investigated with the objective of locally enhancing the...

Authors: Daniel G. Sanders, Paul Edwards, Mamidala Ramulu, Glenn Grant

Abstract: In friction stir welding (FSW), the semi-circular shaped FSW pin tool feed marks that are left behind varied in depth and shape which are...


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