Superplasticity in Advanced Materials - ICSAM 2009

Volume 433

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Paul Edwards, Mamidala Ramulu, Daniel G. Sanders

Abstract: Friction Stir Welding of Ti-6Al-4V was performed on 5 mm thickness plate in order to assess the affect of welding conditions on the...

Authors: Mohammed A. Nazzal, Fadi K. Abu-Farha

Abstract: Most of the work done on superplastic forming is related to sheet metal forming. Very limited studies have been directed toward...

Authors: Paul A. Sherek, Louis G. Hector, John R. Bradley, Paul E. Krajewski, Eric M. Taleff

Abstract: Accurate numerical simulation capability is critical to the development and implementation of hot forming technologies. Numerical...

Authors: Louis G. Hector, Paul E. Krajewski, Eric M. Taleff, Jon T. Carter

Abstract: Fine-grained AA5083 aluminum-magnesium alloy sheet can be formed into complex closure components with the Quick Plastic Forming process at...

Authors: Shun Ping Li, Mathilde Chabin, Andrew Heath

Abstract: In this paper, the authors presented the material models and numerical algorithms adopted in PAMSTAMP 2G for superplastic forming...

Authors: Jong Hoon Yoon, Yeong Moo Yi, Ho Sung Lee

Abstract: In this paper, mould configurations are studied by finite element simulation for superplastic blow forming of combustion chamber outer...

Authors: Donato Sorgente, Luigi Tricarico

Abstract: Numerical simulation took root in the last few decades in the superplastic forming field as one of the most dominant tools for process...

Authors: S. Lee Semiatin, Gordon A. Sargent

Abstract: The low-temperature superplastic flow behavior of two lots of Ti-6Al-4V sheet with an ultrafine microstructure was modeled. One lot (Sheet...

Authors: Yoshimasa Takayama, Itsuki Takeda, Toshiya Shibayanagi, Hajime Kato, Kunio Funami

Abstract: Superplasticity in an AZ80 magnesium alloy subjected to friction stir processing (FSP) has been investigated. FSP was carried out at two...

Authors: Sean B. Leen, Aditya A. Deshpande, Thomas H. Hyde

Abstract: This paper describes high temperature cyclic and creep relaxation testing and modelling of a high nickel-chromium material (XN40F) for...


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