Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments IX

Volume 437

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ding Ding Zhao, Ping Cai

Abstract: A drill set working condition monitoring system is introduced and investigated to improve the performance of auto-balancing machine. The...

Authors: Yu Xue Chen, Jian Liu

Abstract: A system for on-line measurement and sorting of ball bearings is presented in this paper. The structures and functions of its automatic...

Authors: Vladimir M. Petrov

Abstract: The subjectivity both of researchers (which compile the questionnaires) and experts (which evaluate objects subdued to measurements)...

Authors: Orazio Licciardello, Maria Elvira De Caroli, Claudia Castiglione, Elisabetta Sagone

Abstract: The aim of this empirical study was to investigate the relevance of social climate in the classroom for improving creativity in secondary...

Authors: Lidia A. Mazhul, Vladimir M. Petrov, Stefania Mancone

Abstract: To measure the relative role of left- or right-hemispheric processes involved both in creation of works of art and their perception, a...

Authors: Timofey V. Kovalenko, Peter A. Kulichkin, Lidia A. Mazhul, Vladimir M. Petrov

Abstract: To compile samples (sets of poets, composers, painters, etc.) characterizing the development of different fields of creative activity, it is...

Authors: Alexander V. Kharuto

Abstract: Studies of periodical processes in the evolution of art became rather widespread. P. Sorokin described cycles of about several centuries;...

Authors: Maria Elvira De Caroli, Orazio Licciardello, Elisabetta Sagone, Claudia Castiglione

Abstract: The aim of the present research was to verify, in a sample of Italian pupils (aged 13-14) and their teachers, whether pupils’ divergent...

Authors: Valeria Biasi, Paolo Bonaiuto, Anna Maria Giannini

Abstract: Under stress conditions, obtained in the field or experimentally induced, changes occur in the nature and intensity of affective processes...

Authors: Paolo Bonaiuto, Valeria Biasi

Abstract: Three relevant sculptures by Antonio Canova, housed in the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, were studied during their temporary...


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