Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments IX

Volume 437

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Francesca Baralla, Anna Maria Giannini, Roberto Sgalla

Abstract: The present study examines how child drawers selectively use a set of potential expressive strategies in accordance with the nature of the...

Authors: Charlotte C. Sennersten, Craig A. Lindley

Abstract: Evaluating the effectiveness of virtual environments as training and analysis systems one must take into account both strongly and weakly...

Authors: Timofey V. Kovalenko

Abstract: Theatrical Life and Socially-Political Climate of Russian Society: Measurement of Evolution Intensity In limits of...

Authors: Peter A. Kulichkin

Abstract: Periodical processes with duration of cycles about 50 years (MMP-waves), observed in artistic style, were deduced earlier. As well analogous...

Authors: Pavel V. Chartiy, Vadim E. Privalov, Valery G. Shemanin

Abstract: Industrial aerodisperse flows were characterized by significant aerosol polydisperse and concentration level. Thus particle concentration...

Authors: Jia Bi Chen, Bin Ming Liang, Da Wei Zhang, Song Lin Zhuang

Abstract: Recently, significant attention has been devoted to a new class of smart materials – so-called negative-index materials (NIM). There are...

Authors: Ho Chang, Yun Min Yeh, Ching Song Jwo, Sih Li Chen

Abstract: This paper presents the development of a conductive composite film and the measurement of electromagnetic (EM) shielding effectiveness (SE)...

Authors: Romeo Cristian Ciobanu, Cristina Schreiner

Abstract: The broadband Partial Discharge (PD) measurement technique may be considered more accurate than a simple breakdown test and admitted as a...

Authors: Tung Sheng Yang, Te Hua Fang, C.T. Kawn, G.L. Ke, S.Y. Chang

Abstract: Instrumented indentation is widely used to probe the elastic and plastic properties of engineering materials. Finite Element Method (FEM)...

Authors: Daria S. Mikhailova, Vladimir V. Chesnokov, Dimitry V. Chesnokov

Abstract: The principle of measurement of spectrum absorptances nanolayers of the elementorganic compounds, based on use of the optical fibre...


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