Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments IX

Volume 437

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dominic Gnieser, Carl Georg Frase, Harald Bosse, Rainer Tutsch

Abstract: A new Monte-Carlo program for simulation image formation in scanning electron microscopy for real three-dimensional use is presented;...

Authors: Zhuang De Jiang, Feng Xia Zhao, Wei Xuan Jing, Philip D. Prewett, Kyle Jiang

Abstract: Motif parameters were introduced to characterize line edge roughness (LER) of a nanoscale grating structure. Firstly with electron beam...

Authors: Evgeny V. Sysoev

Abstract: Chromatic aberrations in white-light interferometer can dramatically increase measurement nanorelief errors. It is shown that these errors...

Authors: Li Jiang Zeng, Lei Shi, Li Feng Li

Abstract: Contemporary chirped-pulse-amplified high-power laser systems rely on meter-sized diffraction gratings for pulse compression. Fabricating...

Authors: Ling Li Cheng, Jian Wei Yu, Xiao Fen Yu

Abstract: A 6-DOF monolithic nanopositioning stage is developed for three coordinate measuring machines (CMM) with nanometer resolution. The stage...

Authors: Ming Chang, Juti Rani Deka, Chia Hung Lin, Chin Chung Chung

Abstract: One-dimensional (1D) nanostructure such as nanowires (NWs), nanobelts and nanorods have attracted tremendous attention in recent years due...

Authors: Albert Weckenmann, Philipp Krämer

Abstract: As a rather new technology, X-Ray Computed Tomography offers new and promising possibilities in manufacturing metrology in comparison to...

Authors: Markus Bartscher, Marko Neukamm, Uwe Hilpert, Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube, Frank Härtig, Karin Kniel, Karsten Ehrig, Andreas Staude, Jürgen Goebbels

Abstract: Achieving traceability is crucial for complex measurement techniques, especially for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). For CMMs using...

Authors: Walter Schott

Abstract: The trend in many fields of enabling technologies, such as microelectronics, communications, microsystems, and micromechanics, toward...

Authors: Liang Chia Chen, Abraham Mario Tapilouw, Sheng Lih Yeh, Shyh Tsong Lin, Jin Liang Chen, Huan Chi Huang

Abstract: White light interferometry has become an important method for measuring micro surface profiles with a long vertical range and nano-scale...


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