Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments IX

Volume 437

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jack Zhou, Ananth Vas, Denis Blackmore

Abstract: This paper aims at an equation based simulation, CAD modeling and manufacturing of a fractal surface embedded on a musical cymbal. This...

Authors: Otto Jusko, Dirk Bastam, Michael Neugebauer, Helge Reimann, Wladimir Sabuga, Tasanee Priruenrom

Abstract: This paper presents results of the dimensional calibration of piston-cylinder assemblies to be used for the joint NMI project...

Authors: Alexey V. Beloborodov, Yuri V. Chuguy, Leonid V. Finogenov, Anna A. Gushchina, Yuri A. Lemeshko, Peter S. Zav’yalov

Abstract: Safety increasing of nuclear reactors is urgent problem for atomic industry. It takes 100% noncontact dimensional inspection of nuclear...

Authors: Igor A. Konyakhin, Alexander N. Timofeev, Sergey N. Yaryshev

Abstract: Large or long objects require measuring systems as a combination of more than one measuring instrument. In this case, the combination of...

Authors: Alexey V. Beloborodov, Evgeny V. Vlasov, Leonid V. Finogenov, Peter S. Zav’yalov

Abstract: The results of development and investigation of computer-vision systems for inspection of the external view of fuel pellets for nuclear fuel...

Authors: Sergei N. Makarov, Alexander G. Verkhogliad

Abstract: he article presents a measurement system designed for “on-line” high throughput simultaneous optical inspection of large set of geometrical...

Authors: Ji Wen Cui, Chuan Xi Song, Jiu Bin Tan

Abstract: In order to measure the geometric dimension of a micro-cavity, a touch-trigger measurement method is proposed, in which the light coming...

Authors: Olga B. Kudryashova, Igor R. Akhmadeev, Anatoly A. Pavlenko, Vladimir A. Arkhipov, Sergey S. Bondarchuk

Abstract: A modified method of small-angle scattering that consists in solving a series of direct problems in aerosol optics is proposed to obtain a...

Authors: Nai Guang Lu, Peng Sun, Wen Yi Deng, Lian Qing Zhu, Xiao Ping Lou

Abstract: A binocular point matching method using affine transformation is presented in this paper to deal with matching ambiguities. The epipolar...

Authors: Yoji Umezaki, Syuhei Kurokawa, Yasutsune Ariura

Abstract: The transient phenomenon of chip generations and behavior in the gear hobbing process are investigated by using a high-speed video camera....


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