Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments IX

Volume 437

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: X. Huang, Y. Gao

Abstract: Optical profiler is a typical modern device for precision form error measurement. In our use of the equipment, we found that the surface...

Authors: Yury N. Dubnishchev, Yuri V. Chuguy, Jürgen Kompenhans

Abstract: The method of laser Doppler visualization and measurement of 2D velocity vector field in flows with minimization of influence of a...

Authors: Władysław Jakubiec

Abstract: The paper describes a new method for analytical estimation of the uncertainty component introduced by the CMM, including temperature...

Authors: Georg Kaniak, Herbert F. Schweinzer

Abstract: Different approaches for determining the position of the reflection point of a transmitted ultrasound signal are investigated assuming a...

Authors: Herbert F. Schweinzer, Gerhard F. Spitzer

Abstract: In the last years, a few Ultrasonic (US) positioning systems which are primarily directed at indoor tracking of mobile devices were...

Authors: Tilo Pfeifer, Stephan Bichmann

Abstract: Terahertz radiation, which fills the gap between 100 GHz and 10 THz ( = 30 µm – 3 mm) in the electro-magnetic spectrum, has seldom been...

Authors: S.A. Kuznetsov, A.V. Arzhannikov, V.V. Kubarev, P.V. Kalinin, Mario Sorolla, M. Navarro-Cia, M. Aznabet, M. Beruete, F. Falcone, Yu.G. Goncharov, B.P. Gorshunov, A.V. Gelfand, N.I. Fedorinina

Abstract: We review our recent results on development of passive quasi-optical selective devices based on metallized subwavelength microstructure...

Authors: Aleksandra S. Syrneva, Vladimir V. Chesnokov, Dimitry V. Chesnokov

Abstract: The optical filter under development employing frustrated total internal reflection is a micromechanical device containing two silicon...

Authors: Zhen Gang Lu, Jiu Bin Tan, Zhi Gang Fan

Abstract: The possibility of constructing terahertz Fabry-Perot interferometer using metallic meshes with micrometer period and high ratio of...

Authors: Vladimir S. Korneyev, Vladimir V. Chesnokov, Dimitry V. Chesnokov

Abstract: This paper considers the possibility of creation of a micromechanical optical scanner (MOEMS-scanner) for terahertz spectrum diapason of...


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