Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments IX

Volume 437

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhuang De Jiang, Li Bo Zhao, Yu Long Zhao, Yuan Hao Liu, Philip D. Prewett, Kyle Jiang

Abstract: In order to solve pressure measurement problems in the fields of aerospace, petroleum and chemical industry, mobile and military industry, a...

Authors: Vjacheslav E. Antsiperov, Yuri V. Obukhov, Gennady K. Mansurov

Abstract: The paper concerns the development of the heart rate wearable wireless monitoring system “CardioBeat”. This system has two types of...

Authors: James M. Kilpatrick, Vladimir B. Markov

Abstract: We describe a system for real-time, full-field vibrometry, incorporating features of high-speed electronic speckle pattern interferometry...

Authors: Dmitry M. Nikulin, Vladimir V. Chesnokov, Dimitry V. Chesnokov

Abstract: The present paper deals with the questions of development and expected parameters of tunable multiplex-optical filters which use the...

Authors: Peng Cheng Hu, Jiu Bin Tan, Qi Wang, Pei Zhang

Abstract: In order to improve the frequency stabilization and the anti-interference ability of two-mode power-balance lasers, the asymmetric thermal...

Authors: Alexander Höink, Karl Meiners-Hagen, Otto Jusko, Ahmed Abou-Zeid

Abstract: The experimental results for the determination of the form of thin cylinders (Ø ~ 2.5 mm) as well as step heights of gauge blocks (~ 100 µm)...

Authors: Vadim E. Kalikin, Alexander G. Verkhogliad, Stepan V. Kalichkin, Sergei N. Makarov, Vladimir S. Bazin, Vladimir B. Kharhota, Sergei G. Savkov

Abstract: Advanced automated optoelectronic system for contact wire wear inspection on the go using a structured light method is presented. The...

Authors: Roald E. Taymanov, Ksenia Sapozhnikova

Abstract: Terms and definitions in the field of sensors and measuring systems with the elements of artificial intelligence are not well-established....

Authors: Johannes Weickmann, Albert Weckenmann, Peter Frederik Brenner

Abstract: Fringe projection systems gain in importance in manufacturing quality control due to their multiple advantages. However, determination of an...

Authors: Y. Zhang, Y. Gao, Y.H. Lai, J.X. Wang

Abstract: In precision machining, it is desirable to measure the workpiece form profiles to provide feedback for control to maintain machining...


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