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Authors: Berend Denkena, Luis de Leon, E. Bassett, M. Rehe
Abstract:The need for new cutting tool technologies is driven by the constantly increasing performance of machine tools and the rising market...
Authors: Fritz Klocke, Olaf Dambon, Kyriakos Georgiadis
Abstract:The complexity of optical components increases steadily in recent years, while their dimension de-crease. This situation makes the production...
Authors: Berend Denkena, Bernd Breidenstein
Abstract:Cohesive damage of PVD-coated cemented carbide cutting tools is ascribed to the residual stress state of the substrate subsurface. The...
Authors: Fritz Klocke, Christof Gorgels, Arne Stuckenberg, Emmanouil Bouzakis
Abstract:In today’s production engineering nearly every cutting tool is coated. In the field of coating technology and tool treatment blasting is a...
Authors: Ekkard Brinksmeier, Ralf Gläbe, Jen Osmer
Abstract:The mass production of glass or plastic components by replication techniques, like hot pressing or injection moulding, requires inserts made...
Authors: Jörn Kohlscheen, Hans Joachim Knoche, Martin Hipke, Andreas Lümkemann
Abstract:Pre-machining of gear wheels is often done by hobbing using a soft work-piece material. Today, almost all of the hobs are used with a hard...
Authors: Wolfgang Tillmann, Evelina Vogli, Jan Herper, Matthias Haase
Abstract:It is very important to minimize wear and friction in forming processes in order to avoid adhesion between work piece and tool. For the...
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