Cutting Edge Preparation by Means of Abrasive Brushing


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The need for new cutting tool technologies is driven by the constantly increasing performance of machine tools and the rising market competition. Current research results show that an improved combination of the cutting edge macro- and microgeometry, together with an appropriate substrate and coating, leads to a significant enhancement of cutting tool performance. Furthermore, inappropriate cutting edge microgeometries cause, in addition to the higher production costs, a reduction of the tool life. Hence, it is essential to produce tailored cutting edge microgeometries with high precision and process reliability. This paper presents the influence of brushing process parameters on the size and the form of produced cutting edges of indexable inserts. This leads to a better understanding and higher quality of the cutting edge preparation process by means of abrasive brushes. Furthermore, the process reliability of 5-axes brushing is analyzed. An example of a tool life map presents the significantly enhanced tool performance through cutting edge preparation and its sensitivity towards varying the cutting edge microgeometry.



Edited by:

M. Merklein, F.-W. Bach, K.-D. Bouzakis, B. Denkena, M. Geiger and H.-K. Toenshoff






B. Denkena et al., "Cutting Edge Preparation by Means of Abrasive Brushing", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 438, pp. 1-7, 2010

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May 2010




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