The Coatings in Manufacturing Engineering

Volume 438

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Konstantinos D. Bouzakis, Stefanos Gerardis, G. Katirtzoglou, S. Makrimallakis, G. Skordaris, K. Efstathiou

Abstract: The effect of the developed chip length on the coated tool’s cutting performance was investigated. Milling experiments at various cutting...

Authors: Kirsten Bobzin, Fritz Klocke, Nazlim Bagcivan, Mara Ewering, Kyriakos Georgiadis, Tobias Münstermann

Abstract: Over the last decades demands for optical systems and complex optical products made of glass increased steadily. Precision glass moulding...

Authors: Andreas Mehner, Ju An Dong, Timo Hoja, Torsten Prenzel, Yildirim Mutlugünes, Ekkard Brinksmeier, Don Lucca, Fritz Klaiber

Abstract: The demand for high precision optical elements as micro lens arrays for displays increases continually. Economic mass production of such...

Authors: Friedrich Wilhelm Bach, Kai Möhwald, Ulrich Holländer

Abstract: Continuous process brazing in shielding-gas furnaces is tailor-made for manufacturing mass production components by means of brazing...

Authors: Michael Wieland, Marion Merklein

Abstract: One characteristic of hot stamping of ultra high strength steels is the high wear rate of the used tools which leads to shorter tool life....

Authors: Haidar Omar, Nikolaos Michailidis, Stefanos Skolianos, Azarias Mavropoulos, Sofia Tsipas, Nikiforos Maragoudakis

Abstract: In many applications, even high-performance alloys have to be covered with protective coatings, providing higher corrosion and oxidation...

Authors: Francesca Borsetto, Andrea Ghiotti, Stefania Bruschi, T. Stoehr, J. Lechler, Marion Merklein

Abstract: The paper presents results obtained at two labs, on in Germany and one in Italy, in terms of friction coefficient as function of hot...

Authors: Konstantinos D. Bouzakis, M. Batsiolas, G. Malliaris, Maria Pappa, Emmanouil Bouzakis, G. Skordaris

Abstract: In the paper, innovative methods for characterizing coatings’ properties at ambient and elevated temperatures are introduced based on...

Authors: Dirk Biermann, T. Mohn, H. Blum, H. Kleemann

Abstract: This paper describes the special demands placed on the grinding of arc-sprayed WC-Fe coatings on a conventional machining center. Basic...

Authors: Friedrich Wilhelm Bach, Kai Möhwald, Martin Nicolaus, Eduard Reithmeier, Markus Kästner, Omar Abo-Namous

Abstract: In order to produce optically cooperative surfaces to use triangulation measuring systems, the methods of surface and thin-coating...


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