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Authors: Wen Tao Sui, Chang Hou Lu
Abstract:A method of vibration analysis for mechanical fault detection based on adaptive noise canceling(ANC) and envelope analysis was presented. The...
Authors: Wen Tao Sui, Dan Zhang
Abstract:A method for canceling noise in mechanical signals was presented, which was based on adaptive filtering and discrete wavelet transform...
Authors: Dan Zhang, Wen Tao Sui
Abstract:In order to eliminate the noise in ECG signal and increase the diagnosis efficiency, a method based on morphological filtering and wavelet...
Authors: Xian Zhang Feng, Yan Mei Cui, Hui Zhao
Abstract:A 3D thermal-mechanical coupled was established for simulation model with technique of engineering thermodynamics and theory of nonlinear...
Authors: Xian Zhang Feng, Jen Feng Wang
Abstract:At the stage of the start and end for rolling H-beam by universal rolling method, there exists biting and tailing-out phenomenon in the...
Authors: Zhen Guo Chen, Guang Hua Zhang, Li Qin Tian, Zi Lin Geng
Abstract:The rate of false positives which caused by the variability of environment and user behavior limits the applications of intrusion detecting...
Authors: Zhan Mao Cao, Wen Jun Xiao, Li Min Peng
Abstract:A brand new performance assessment model is proposed for multiple sequence alignment. The new strategy is based on beam constructing of...
Authors: Xiao Chen
Abstract:For high-speed data acquisition and real-time transmission and processing requirements of ultrasonic measurement system, a wireless USB-based...
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