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Authors: M. Vila, Miguel Manzano, Maria Vallet-Regí
Abstract:In the recent years the driving force for technological change in many respects has shifted towards the design and process of materials that...
Authors: Aldo Roberto Boccaccini, Lutz Christian Gerhardt
Abstract:Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are composed of two-dimensional hexagonal graphite sheets rolled up to form into a seamless hollow tube or cylinder...
  | Authors: Marianna Foldvari
Abstract:Many recently designed drug delivery systems have been constructed from nano-sized components that serve as the carrier or targeting ligand...
Authors: María F. Mora, Laura E. Valenti, Carlos D. García, Carla E. Giacomelli
Abstract:Different strategies used to biofunctionalize CNTs with proteins, from direct physical adsorption on pristine CNTs to chemical treatments to...
Authors: M.L. Ruiz-González, José María González-Calbet
Abstract:On the landscape of the nanoscience and nanothecnology carbon nanotubes (1) have played an important role on the development of 1D materials....
Authors: Julian R. Jones, Peter D. Lee
Abstract:Bone tissue has evolved into hierarchical three-dimensional structures with dimensions ranging from nanometres to metres. The structure...
Authors: Hui Suk Yun
Abstract:Mesoporous materials synthesized using a polymer templating route have attracted considerable attention in the field of bone tissue...
Authors: Ulrike Deisinger
Abstract:For tissue regeneration in medicine three-dimensional scaffolds with specific characteristics are required. A very important property is a...
Authors: Elise Verron, Jean Michel Bouler
Abstract:The use of bone grafts is constantly increasing, their employ is principally linked to bone trauma, prosthesis revision surgery, and...
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